Saturday, November 8, 2008

Always stamp set

My friend Cath recently loaned me her "Always" stamp set-I hope this gives you some inspiration, Cath. I have tried to keep the designs very simple. It has occurred to me, as I look at other stampers creations, that I definitely tend to use pastel colours a whole lot-and I also tend to keep things rather monochromatic. I will have to try and extend myself-and include other colour schemes. On a recent trip to Borders bookstore-I came across a beautiful floristry book (sorry, can't remember the Title or Author). In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful books on floristry that I have seen in a long while. What really appealed to me was the simpleness of the designs, and you guessed it-they were very monochromatic in colour. I think personal preference, and what one considers beautiful to be a personal thing. Hey, that's what actually makes us so interesting-we all see the world very differently-and some very differently.
And by the way, if you love that Stamp set, as I do, it is only available until the 30th November. It is in the current Stampin' Up! Spring Mini catalogue. To contact me, please leave a comment-and I'll contact you.


Catherine said...

I love these, Evonne, you have inspired me! I especially like the pink ones (I knew it, I should have gone with pink!) Can't wait to pop in and see them "in the flesh"...

evonne said...

Hey Cath, they really do look just as lovely in blue! I do declare! You can't really see the detail in some of the photos.

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