Sunday, November 16, 2008

Book labels

I was just playing with some SU papers, and thought I'd make a few book labels for Julia's school books-wrong time of year, I know, but they will be ready in planty of time for next year.


Sharon said...

Your little Julia would have to be the girl with the fanciest book labels around!

Reminds me of Alison Ashley! (just kidding)

Just hope no boys decide to dip any ink on the corner;)

Give her a big kiss from her Aunt

evonne said...

Please refresh my mind-who's Alison Ashley?

Sharon said...


come to think of it - think it was Angela that read a book about two girls who went to school together -one a bit rough and grimy and the other (Alison) had everything neat, tidy and almost all covered with bows or silver-lined!

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