Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet daughter

Now I know this isn't some crafty idea-but it's a sweet picture that my little girl drew. She is a girl who walks closely in my footsteps-always making crafty things, and wanting to join in when I stamp. Yes, she does have a mind of her own (a very strong one at that) but she also has lovely moments of sweetness, and such thoughtfulness. On the weekend, as I was lying on the couch with a headache-she came over and covered me up with a blanket. Later in the day, after inquiring what exactly was wrong with me-and then discovering that I had a sore throat-she brought me a box of Strepsils, just to make sure I had what I might need. How sweet is my little 5-year-old. Here's her picture-note the words down the bottom-"For Samuel, because I love him." Besides the sweetness, I thought this was actually a great picture.

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Katherine said...

Hi Evonne, sorry to hear that you have been ill. It must have been pleasant to have the spontaneous thoughfulness that Julia exhibited on the weekend. That is a very nice picture, and well written as well. Hope to see you soon

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