Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Yuletide Season

Since it was the 1st day of December yesterday, we thought we should get ourselves in with the tradition of the vast majority of you who put their Christmaas trees up. It is also the first year we have actually had a tree-due to the fact that we have usually been away from home over Christmas. Here's our tree-notice some of the crafty items hanging there (which I have previously posted photos of). We just need to add some lights, and perhaps substitute the tinsel (which is in short strands) for some gold bead strings-oh, and yes, a gold star on the top. I have also tried my best to: a) keep the decorations on the tree, and b) discretely hang more tacky decorations around the back-without causing offense to the wee little crafty hands that made them. Also, here is a picture of a Nativity quilt which I made last year.

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