Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stampin' Up! Inventory clearance sale specials

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Happy Snaps and more...

Julia had a go at face-painting Samuel's face. I think she did a pretty good job!! Samuel even sat especially still so she could do it-more than he does for me!!

We found this Bower bird's nest during our stay at Murramurrang National park-amazing!

Julia's latest toothless smile. It was rather unfortunate that the following day after loosing her 2 top teeth, she had to do a talk at school...needless to say, she had trouble pronouncing words, and needed a bit of encouragement to speak up ( she was a bit embarrassed to show her teeth)

I made this birthday cake for a friend's 40th birthday bash-little did Perry know how inexperienced I was at making/decorating large cakes... but, in the end it turned out well-with a few tips from a friend, and a google search, I managed to cook the cake to perfection (or at least it wasn't undercooked or burnt)

Samuel has been so fortunate to have such fabulous Playschool teachers this year. We have appreciated their calm and encouraging nature. Mrs Walton (in the pageant picture) will be missed-as she was such a great teacher-giving many a cuddle to the little people in her care, and showing such enjoyment in her job. After she has completed he masters, we hope we'll see her again! And she looks great as a sheep-don't you think?

Hi everyone, here are a few happy snaps (mostly of the kids), and some end-of-year Playschool Christmas play. So far this year, Samuel has been a wiseman, and a sheep-and is awaiting the next Christmas pageant, where he will appear again as a wiseman! I love the visual reminder that taking part in a pageant brings to the mind of a child, and a reminder of the humble birth of the Saviour of the World.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas cute-sies and cards

These are just a few of the Stamp club projects that we have worked on this year...a few more Christmas cards to come...but since Stamp club is tonight-that would be revealing too much!!

Here are a few Christmassy projects that I've been working on recently. I cased the above pointsettia punchy treat from Karen Thomas' blog-I immediately loved the idea and thought I'd make these for end-of-year gifts for Julia's class.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Extravaganza

Hi everyone, it's time for another special from Stampin' Up! Click on this link for more details...there are some great Christmas gift ideas included on the list...since Christmas really is just around the corner.

Spend $85 on the Christmas Extravaganza Gift list and you get a free Scallop square punch (value $30.95)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holidays and other things...

Here are a bundle of pics from our little holiday last week-which I thought our relatives out there in blogland might appreciate...
What better way to finish a short little holiday (and a cold one at that) than to devour a chocolate icecream...

Govett's Leap lookout

Not often do wew get to see Waratahs growing in the wild-beautiful! I had to restrain from picking them, of course, since they were in a national park.

And, of course the scary man rock (that's our own title for the rock-not its official name)

We toured the Cathedral cave-which was well worth seeing. The photos here came out quite dull-looking-but many of the rocks are quite shiny/glittery.

Blue Lake at the Jenolan Caves-which gets it's blue colour from limestone deposits in the water

Sami had a littleride too!

Julia's horse, "Tom" which she very ably rode all by herself for an hour's ride amongst the beauty of the Megalong Valley.

This sandstone rock seemed a good place for everyone to leave their initials-you'll see ours there next time you visit the Blue Mountains.

The first day into our little holiday turned into a rather COLD and blustery day (which you can't adequately portray in a photo) On the first morning, we woke up to see the pine trees coverered with snow-and a few of the mountain peaks had snow on them too. Needless to say, we came unprepared for snowy weather...next time we will certainly come with our snow jackets.

Breast Cancer Awareness Demonstrator Opportunity

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World Cardmaking Day Specials...


Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Look...

What do you think? Do they bear a resemblance to each other? After loosing her front tooth-I think so....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Dump...

Here's a window into our lives over the last few months...there are some piccys of the kids-especially for Grandparents/aunties & Uncles enjoyment...I'll have a few more photos soon of Julia and her new toothless smile.

These pictures are from last weekend when we climbed to the Booroomba Rocks lookout with the kids-little Sammi climbed all the way to the top and back with a spring in his step! We look forward to more bush-whacking adventures....

I copied this layout from Tanya Blewitt's blog-and used the same template for a few other pages.

Just a few 6"x6" scrapbook pages I have been working on recently...and a Father's day card we made in the stamp club.
My own design-a post-it note purse-which we also made in the stamp club-and I also made it for the recent Stamping Jamboree (which I sadly couldn't attend)

More Father's Day projects...I made the chocolate box for the Father's Day stall at Julia's school . The little shirt box idea I adapted a little-you can also put lollies inside.

Julia dressed as Little Bo Peep for the school book parade-she also made it into the school newsletter as Bo Peep.

A long good-bye to our precious friends, Rick and Helen, and also Dave and Cath and kidlets-we miss you so much already-and it has only been a few weeks...Thanks for your sweet friendship

A Stepper Box that Tanya Blewitt demonstrated at the recent Stampin' Jamboree-Katie then kindly showed me how to put it together-I totally love this Box-Thanks Tanya for this fab idea!!
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