Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calendar gift for Hubby

We all know it can be hard to come up with gifts for Men-be it your husband, your Dad, Brother, etc. Despite knowing them well, finding a useful gift can be quite difficult. When I am faced with this problem-I always know that something hand-made will always be appreciated. So I thought that we-d make Hubby a calendar this year to take with him to work so that He could see us next to is computer. I decorated a 6" X 6" calendar (from Stampin' Up!) with family photos from this past year. It's pretty simple-but here are a few pages from it. You will notice (if you are observant) that I copied the green/brown layout directly from the 2008-2009 Stampin' Up! ideas book and Catalogue. I liked their layout-and I had everything to make it.


Sharon said... it Evonne!

very nice idea - a work colleage of David's (from Adelaide) came for a visit and had a lovely photo album of his family (mini) which fit into his pocket... great idea. We got to have a flip through and see how they had grown...

evonne said...

That was quick off the mark-I have only just posted that!! I hope you like-ey.

Amanda said...


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