Tuesday, January 13, 2009

These 2 pictures were taken at Tidbinbilla nature reserve. We haven't been here for a few years since the 2003 bushfires in Canberra (which vertually wiped out the majority of the animals there). However, just a few years later, you would never know there had been a fire here (apart from the obvious absence of a few landmarks). The park has been rejuvinated again, and a playground also added. It was a nice day out for everyone, and nice to see emus and kangaroos, snakes, birds, lizards, etc.

And just in case you were lulled into thinking that all I do is stamp all day long-here's some pictures of what my kids have been up to in the holidays...Making playdough spaghetti. Little miss (who usually doesn't want to smile for the camera) just so happens to be giving a big cheesy grin in this photo because she is trying to show off here newly wiggling tooth (which she is very proud of-and waiting anxiously for the day it falls out)


Evonne said...

Hi Evonne,
I have a blog for our neighborhood book club and was browsing along and your blog site came up. I rarely see my name spelled exactly the same way so I am just saying HI from one Evonne to another. =]


evonne said...

Hello there fellow Evonne with an "E", thanks for saying hello-yes there are few of us out there...I'll stop by some day and browse your blog-sounds interesting a neighborhood book club...

Amanda said...

Great photos!! Kids just love that playdough spaghetti. We have had a resurgence of it in our household over the last month. Even the dog loves it, though she eats way too much.
I hope that tooth falls out soon.

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