Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Boy turns Three!!

You can't forget an alien, now, can you? I thought this
was cute-if aliens can really be seen as cute...
At long last, he got to have that long-awaited cake
(it wasn't THAT long waiting really...just a few hours)

Here's some pictures of the birthday boy. He was so excited by having a rocket cake-that he sat and gazed at it sitting on the table for hours, saying, "Is it ready?" He seemed a bit surprised to be given gifts at first-and seemed more interested in the cards. Funny Boy!!! Julia, too , was pretty excited (perhaps even more than he was). She burst out of bed (as she would put it) on the morning of his birthday-so excited that Sami was three at last! Now he has been dubbed "Mr Three"-and has been smothered by love (especially from Jules). Julia drew a fantastic picture on Sami's card to fit in with the spaceship/rocket theme-she draws such detailed, and imaginative pictures- I'll have to post it on here too... I thought I'd also include a piccy of the little lolly bags we had for his party. I made a co-ordinating invitation too-but alas-I didn't make one for us! So I can't show you this.

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Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!!

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