Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stampin Jamboree

About every 6 months or so, a bunch of us (Stampin'
Up! Demonstrators) get together to share a new idea
or stamping technique. Heaps of fun, laughter-and
great ideas. I have included some pictures of what we
came home with-Make sure you check out their blogs
too! (where you can find some great ideas.)
Trina Kellam's gorgeous swap using the new
"Echoes of kindness" hostess set
Robyn Butt's swap using the new "Window Dressing"
Hostess set

This is Katie's swap-which has a real "Wow"
factor. She put in a great deal of work using the
"Tissue and acetate Technique-it really is amazing!

This is Katie's swap

This gorgeous owl punchy card was made by Tanya-he's so cute...

Trina Kellam designed this striking birthday card!
This card technique was "scratch and sniff" (the
cake top smells like strawberry.)

Here's my pastel "take" on Katie's card
This cute little giraffe design is from Katie-my wonderful upline...
This is my shaker card swap using "Window Dressings" stamp set

This is the keyring/pendant idea I demonstrated using the "Always
stamp set

The lovely Robyn Butts showed us this trendy chocolate
box idea-it makes a real cutesy gift!

Oh, and here are just a few of the lovely ladies hard at work-so hard
that they may not have noticed me taking this picture (or perhaps
they were trying to remain unrecognisable) I think they would have
banned me from posting it if they'd known...just so you can see
what hard work stamping is :) Thanks ladies for a fun and productive
day had by all!


Myannabell said...

You are a little sneaky Evonne. You're right, I didn't see you take this pic. Thanks for helping make the day such fun. Can't wait for the next one

Sharon said...

Oh Evonne - love all the cards - specially the lil' girl in window -cute +++
... feelin' all inspired


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