Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Dump...

Here's a window into our lives over the last few months...there are some piccys of the kids-especially for Grandparents/aunties & Uncles enjoyment...I'll have a few more photos soon of Julia and her new toothless smile.

These pictures are from last weekend when we climbed to the Booroomba Rocks lookout with the kids-little Sammi climbed all the way to the top and back with a spring in his step! We look forward to more bush-whacking adventures....

I copied this layout from Tanya Blewitt's blog-and used the same template for a few other pages.

Just a few 6"x6" scrapbook pages I have been working on recently...and a Father's day card we made in the stamp club.
My own design-a post-it note purse-which we also made in the stamp club-and I also made it for the recent Stamping Jamboree (which I sadly couldn't attend)

More Father's Day projects...I made the chocolate box for the Father's Day stall at Julia's school . The little shirt box idea I adapted a little-you can also put lollies inside.

Julia dressed as Little Bo Peep for the school book parade-she also made it into the school newsletter as Bo Peep.

A long good-bye to our precious friends, Rick and Helen, and also Dave and Cath and kidlets-we miss you so much already-and it has only been a few weeks...Thanks for your sweet friendship

A Stepper Box that Tanya Blewitt demonstrated at the recent Stampin' Jamboree-Katie then kindly showed me how to put it together-I totally love this Box-Thanks Tanya for this fab idea!!


Sharon said...

Awwwhh - Evonne - just loved this post - what georgeous photos! Jules looks so absolutely perfect as Lil' Bo Peep - (where did you find such a cute dress?) Nice to see everybody again(photo version

Wuv Ya


Ken said...

Hi Sharon-what you doin' blogging at such an early hour anyway-I'm glad you liked the photos-I put them there for you's all...Julia's dress is from Best and Less

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