Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holidays and other things...

Here are a bundle of pics from our little holiday last week-which I thought our relatives out there in blogland might appreciate...
What better way to finish a short little holiday (and a cold one at that) than to devour a chocolate icecream...

Govett's Leap lookout

Not often do wew get to see Waratahs growing in the wild-beautiful! I had to restrain from picking them, of course, since they were in a national park.

And, of course the scary man rock (that's our own title for the rock-not its official name)

We toured the Cathedral cave-which was well worth seeing. The photos here came out quite dull-looking-but many of the rocks are quite shiny/glittery.

Blue Lake at the Jenolan Caves-which gets it's blue colour from limestone deposits in the water

Sami had a littleride too!

Julia's horse, "Tom" which she very ably rode all by herself for an hour's ride amongst the beauty of the Megalong Valley.

This sandstone rock seemed a good place for everyone to leave their initials-you'll see ours there next time you visit the Blue Mountains.

The first day into our little holiday turned into a rather COLD and blustery day (which you can't adequately portray in a photo) On the first morning, we woke up to see the pine trees coverered with snow-and a few of the mountain peaks had snow on them too. Needless to say, we came unprepared for snowy weather...next time we will certainly come with our snow jackets.


Anya said...

Looks like you had a great time! The Blue Mountains are one of my favourite places to go. We should catch up - I miss you!

evonne said...

I miss you too, my friend, and was just thinking it was about time I at least wrote you a letter. Alas, I haven't done it yet! Or perhaps I will call you-that would be better.

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos...looks like you all had a lovely time!

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