Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby girl card

I made this for a friend who recently had a little girl-and what a real cuite pie she is. I must say that the layout for this card is not my own-but I have made a variation of my own based on the original card here which was a winner of Kwerner's challenge number 37. I liked it-and since I had the "Wild about You" stamp set-I thought I make my own version of it-although I like the original better.

O.K. I know you've all seen these before on my blog-but I made these recently for my daughter's approaching birthday party. They are filled with girly treats, and just a few sweet ones. I discovered a new, more Aussie-sounding name for these treat-bags-they are called "Twisty Treat" containers.

Cutesy sock gifts

I have seen these ideas around in various gift shops-and I decided to try my hand at making them too. I am happy with how they turned out-and surprisingly easy. Of course, there is stamping somewhere on my creations-I stamped using white acrylic paint on acetate for the top lids of the boxes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kwerner colour inspiration #39

I really just squeezed in the time to create this card-I've got a busy few days ahead...The colours this week screamed an Asian theme, and since I have been working on a cute gift idea that also has an asian theme-I knew exactly what I would create for this week's challenge. By the way-that is sock sushi-not quite as delectable as the real thing!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

faux emerging colour technique

Here's a new technique that I thought I'd try out (new to me that is) . I have tried doing the "emerging colour" technique before-the only difference with this is that instead of stamping the design on the paper-you simple use Designer papers-not really so different. Anyway, if you really have no idea what I am talking about-you'll have to find out what this technique is. Perhaps I will do a tutorial sometime...I really am just discovering that there is so much more to stamping than just stamps and ink. It's fun really...learning something new.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sale-A-Bration ...

Sale-A-Bration has begun, and here's a little taste of some cards that Stampin' Up! has come up with using a couple of the Sale-A-Bration sets. So if you are keen to just place an individual order, or host a workshop during January and February, the Sale-A-Bration period is a great time to do it-and earn some extra stamp sets! And it's always a great time to get together with friends to stamp...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kwerner colour inspiration #38

This week's challenge, as usual started out with various ideas-but ended up looking very different-in fact, nothing at all like what I had set out to do. I did have to use Only Orange instead of Pumkin Pie ink because I don't have Pumpkin Pie Paper or inks (gasp!) I hope you like it-I think if I had some more time-I would have done it a little different-anyway enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

These 2 pictures were taken at Tidbinbilla nature reserve. We haven't been here for a few years since the 2003 bushfires in Canberra (which vertually wiped out the majority of the animals there). However, just a few years later, you would never know there had been a fire here (apart from the obvious absence of a few landmarks). The park has been rejuvinated again, and a playground also added. It was a nice day out for everyone, and nice to see emus and kangaroos, snakes, birds, lizards, etc.

And just in case you were lulled into thinking that all I do is stamp all day long-here's some pictures of what my kids have been up to in the holidays...Making playdough spaghetti. Little miss (who usually doesn't want to smile for the camera) just so happens to be giving a big cheesy grin in this photo because she is trying to show off here newly wiggling tooth (which she is very proud of-and waiting anxiously for the day it falls out)

wrapping school books

What a huge load of books I've had to cover for my daughter's grade 1 bookpack! I simply covered them in brown paper (to which I received a "Yuk, brown isn't nice") and then stampeed a co-ordinating colour for the background, and simply added the name tag. After they were all decorated they met with approval despite being brown.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Blog design

My eyes were getting a bit sick of green, so I decided to change my blog's look. I found this free layout on , and I took a liking to it. Thanks Cath for the link, they did a good job of your blog design...I hope you like the new look!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kwerner colour inspiration #37

It's a bit hard to see the detail in this one.
I have embossed a fame around the elephant

Here's my Kwerner challenge for the week. I used Soft Sky instead of Baja Breeze since we don't yet have that colour in Australia yet. The last Blue/Brown card came after seeing how well these two colours can go together-that's what I find great about the weekly colour challenge-it really inspires me to use new colours. However, the last card doesn't quite fit in with the colour scheme. My offerings are completely different than my original idea...Cheerio, until next week...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I know Christmas is over, but we received this lovely card in the mail a few days ago. It made it through the snow, and the postal strike in Canada over Christmas. Thankyou Amy-it is lovely-and all the more appreciated because we know how busy you are...Here's a piccy-we have it sitting on our bookcase.

Calendar gift for Hubby

We all know it can be hard to come up with gifts for Men-be it your husband, your Dad, Brother, etc. Despite knowing them well, finding a useful gift can be quite difficult. When I am faced with this problem-I always know that something hand-made will always be appreciated. So I thought that we-d make Hubby a calendar this year to take with him to work so that He could see us next to is computer. I decorated a 6" X 6" calendar (from Stampin' Up!) with family photos from this past year. It's pretty simple-but here are a few pages from it. You will notice (if you are observant) that I copied the green/brown layout directly from the 2008-2009 Stampin' Up! ideas book and Catalogue. I liked their layout-and I had everything to make it.
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