Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Month of Sale-A-Bration and Summer Mini

If you were wanting to make the most of a great special, as well as build up your stamp sets-you have until 31st March to take advantage of the Sale-A-Bration special.

Also, this is the last month you can purchase the products in the Summer mini catalogue, before the new Autumn/winter catalogue comes out.

Brain Waves

Sami is very proud of his lego creations! I am a very happy Mum watching him be creative, and playing (in a boyish way) with his creations...
I found this cute chinese girl card design on Patti's blog. I thought the rice in the sweat treat cups was cute-as well as the punch-art chinese girl-I just had to CASE it...

These Sesame Street Punch-art designs are nothing new. I don't know who came up with the original idea (apart from Sesame Street themselves) I thought they were cute, so I CASED them from splitcoast stampers, and kept it pretty simple

Recently I as I have been out and about in Canberra, I have seen various objects that have inpired me in my card-making. Most of the time it is forgotten by the time I get around to card-making. Not anymore! I have kept a little pad handy to jot down my inspiration so that I can try using my inspiration in a card layout. A girl can't help when creative inspiration strikes...

Here are a few little projects from the last little well as some photos of the kids (For Aunty Helen, and the Grandies/uncles and aunts-to keep them off my back :) )

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Explosion boxes and side-step cards

Explosion boxes-I'm sure you can see why they are called that. Very Cute-and easy to make...

This one's for Helen-who complains that I don't put enough pictures of the kids on my blog! I can almost hear her saying-"VERY generous, Evonne-only ONE picture!" You'll have to be patient with me, Helen, I promise I will upload some more pictures soon! I thought this picture captures that very sneaky look of Sami's-perhaps I passed that on to him...

Just a quick little gift for a friend of mine who's just had a new baby (a very cute one, too)-a mid-night snack jar for Mum for when you get the midnight munchies whilst feeding bub in the wee hours of the morning. For keeping next to Mum's bed-but out of reach of siblings and husbands :)

My first go at a side-step card...

I have really been enjoying trying out new and exciting ways of making cards. Not new really-just new to ME... I really love finding a cute box or card that is super easy to make!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I also found the instructions for this little surprise box on splitcoast stampers!! It would seem that I have been over there a lot (which I have been)... It is pretty simple to make, and is really very cute-you are only limited by your imagination as to what you could put in there!

I found this cute tractor punch-art design on splitcoast stampers-I just thought I'd add some mini fruit tingle lollies in the centres of the wheel-as well as being yummy, they help the card stand up (at least until they get eaten)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This year I was spoilt with a bunch of chocolate roses-yum! and Beautiful-thanks Ken!

I first saw this little nametag for a table setting on Martha Stewart's blog. My sister,Sharon, and I made up a bunch of them for the Christmas table this past year. Pretty, cute, and effective-they made a pretty swish and easy-to-make name tag

Lots of my friends/family have had new additions to their family recently. I thought these covered mini mentos lollies would look cute made into little people-so I have made each member of the family (including the bew baby) and made a personalised little box to go with them!

We first made this card at a Stamping Jamboree, in which the very talented Trina Kellam demonstrated the scratch-n-sniff technique...I pulled this stamp set out again, and copied her design, but instead used the faux frosting technique-and 'twas happy with the results!!

I made this little fold-out album recently (I have to hunt around for some photos to put in it)-I first saw the instructions on splitcoast stampers-and thought I would give it a go...I was happy with the result and will definitely try this one again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Moments

Happt Moments Sale-A-Bration stamp set...cute

I love this cute little "Happy Moments" set (which is one of this year's Sale-A-Bration sets-which you can get free with orders of $100)...I thought it really suited the stained glass technique, so I set about using a rather simple design-but I think the results are effective!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Treat cards and such...

This is a rather cute punch-art idea for Easter. I didn't really have any Easter themed stamps-but I still managed to put my punches to good use.

Valentines Day card I scrubbed up today using the sweet treat cups from Stampin' Up! (Hopefully Ken isn't reading my blog-'cause he'll know what he's getting) You can tell I am just trying to find all the possible uses for these cute little goody cups. I'm not finished yet! I just have to get thinkin' ....

The wonderful and very talented Katie made this lovely card for a swap (of which I have already copied and made a stash)-I also was trying to figure out how to put the lollies in the treat cups without having to destroy the card to eat them!! I have been thinkin' and playing-and I think I have mastered the technique! You'll have to pick my brains if you want to know what I did!!

I adapted Katies design using different colours-a cute little card for my new little nephew born Yesterday!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mother's Day cards Already?

That's the first thing Ken said when I showed him these cards...but alas-yes, I can't help it when inspiration hits! Close your eyes, Mum, 'cause otherwise you'll know what's coming....
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