Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Treat cards and such...

This is a rather cute punch-art idea for Easter. I didn't really have any Easter themed stamps-but I still managed to put my punches to good use.

Valentines Day card I scrubbed up today using the sweet treat cups from Stampin' Up! (Hopefully Ken isn't reading my blog-'cause he'll know what he's getting) You can tell I am just trying to find all the possible uses for these cute little goody cups. I'm not finished yet! I just have to get thinkin' ....

The wonderful and very talented Katie made this lovely card for a swap (of which I have already copied and made a stash)-I also was trying to figure out how to put the lollies in the treat cups without having to destroy the card to eat them!! I have been thinkin' and playing-and I think I have mastered the technique! You'll have to pick my brains if you want to know what I did!!

I adapted Katies design using different colours-a cute little card for my new little nephew born Yesterday!!

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