Friday, July 23, 2010

Photos From Canada

More photos to come...
Late nights and much fun result in flaking out on the lounge in the middle of dinner time.

The clan...and Grandma and Grandpa's sushi feast. Thanks for all the time and effort that goes into preparing such delicacies.

The National Art Gallery

If I am looking a bit nervous it is because there is a little Sami in the boat who can't seem to sit still, and thinks rocking the boat is heaps more fun!

Oratory of St. Joseph, Montreal

The RCMP ride

Here are some photos of our time away in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home to the family.Sami looks all grown up, but a little woeful in some of the photos. Did you work him too hard? What a lovely family reunion it must have been, and yes, the food looks yummy, and a credit to Ken's Mum. We are having a family reunion of our own this weekend as Rick is 60 tomorrow, and Ang and Rob are down from Sydney. Hooray!. Love from Helen

Amanda said...

Gogeous photos of gorgeous people! Thanks for sharing what you got up to over there...looks like you had a great time!

That sushi feast looks amazing too - I love sushi.

Hope we can catch up soon. xxxx

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