Sunday, October 3, 2010

Holidaying fun

Two little cards I made this afternoon-on a rather miserable, and rainy day here today-worth spent inside creating something!

Getting up close and personal with a croc at Floriade (don't panic Nanny, it's made of fibreglass)

You wouldn't believe how frigidly cold that water is-and the kids were swimming in it! You may notice the absence of people in the water...there is a reason for it...Brrrrrr

Eeeeewww, Seaweed...hey wait a minute isn't that the stuff we have in our lunch box, and on sushi? Oh, let's eat some then!


Anonymous said...

eek that does look cold to me! At least they had fun.

BTW - evonne here is a link to pictures of fimo birds i told you about..


Anonymous said...

Are they still eating that stuff? Funny lot! Have a great day, love from Aunty Helen.

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