Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wreaths and Such

Some stamp-pressed, glazed, gingerbread cookies

Here are some more cards I've been creating... Why does it seem that the inspiration comes when you are busy? Or a creative thought "pops" into your head as you are literally walking out the door? I am learning the value of jotting down ideas to create later...


Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You do such a fab. job, Evonne!


Catherine said...

Hi E,
They are just amazing. You are so clever.

Would you mind sending me an email telling me just exactly how you did that glaze? And just exactly how much I owe you...


evonne said...

Hi Cath-the glaze is just icing sugar and water-a thinner consistency is better, I feel...I sent the info re. the latter,


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