Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to School 2011

Sami's Lego Man Bag Tag, Lego Man Card, and Lego Man 6x6" Scrapbook page (picture yet to be inserted)... Obviously we have many photos of Samuel and his many fantastic Lego creations, but alas, we seem to never have the photos printed out so that I can actually put them on my pages... next job on my list...

Julia and Samuel head off to school together this year-Samuel is excited to be going to "Big" school with Julia this year... here they are this morning before heading off to school. Samuel insisted that he wanted to have pirate eyes and a pirate scowl in the photo :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi kids, Aunty Helen here. Samuel, you are just shooting up, and look as though you are nearly as tall as Julia. You must have grown 6" since I saw you last month. Have a wonderful year you two. Make sure Mummy keeps the photos coming, love from Aunty Helen and Uncle Rick.

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