Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Cars" Board Game

I made this "Cars" board game about a week or so ago using some pretty simple items: Some super-cool wrapping paper, some star and circle punches, cardstock, and some imagination. Since I didn't have my little guy in mind when I made it, I will have to make another, because he took one look and thought it was for him (and how could I let him down?) Perhaps I'll make him a lego one for his upcoming birthday. Thinking, thinking....

And this wee little card was also made for someone special who helped me out of a pickle-thankyou!


Ang Pang said...

Cool boardgame Evonne! Maybe Sammi's could be used for points/motivation for getting brave with some vegies????

evonne said...

Yes, we have a magnet boadr for that on the fridge now... not really working well. :(

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