Saturday, March 26, 2011

Samuel's Lego Party

Happy Birthday to My Precious BIG boy!

The headless wonder himself (aka Birthday boy), and his Lego creation

Lolly Boxes for Sami's party

Lego Man paper "doll"

Birthday Invites

Cupcakes for Sami's class. 'Twas a pity that the lego men were body-less...they did have bodies once upon a time-but they fell off-a tragedy, that!

And, pin the bow tie on the Lego Man game....


Amanda said...

You are very clever -- Love it! Hope Samuel had a fun time!

Holly said...

Brilliant, as always. Happy Birthday Sammy.

Mel Creations™ said...

Oh this looked awesome!!
great ideas - I really hope your son appreciated all you did for his Birthday!!!
to Tell you the truth I think my Daughter would love this idea - have to show her!?
Thanks for Sharing!!
Mel ♥

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