Monday, August 1, 2011

Visit to Townsville

We headed to Townsville for a week during the school holidays to see what my brother, Samuel, was up to-and to make sure he wasn't getting into mischief after leaving home for the first time. To be sure, he is getting on just fine, and we enjoyed poking around Townsville and its' many beautiful water parks/features. It just makes coming home to the cold that much harder to bear. We went from a lovely 25* to -8* overnight-a bit rude really... counting down the days until winter leaves....

Enjoying a very large chocolate icecream for a very small boy

The man we came to see: The Famous Uncle Sam... being climbed on, and not looking too impressed :)

Magnetic Island
Crystal Creek
Museum of North Queensland, Pandora exhibit

Cooling off at the Strand-not that it really was THAT hot....

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Cath said...

Ohh - looks delightful! I bet it WAS a shock to come back to chilly Canberra. Lovely pics!

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